Why Organisations Call Us In

To help those facing a career change

When people have to involuntarily leave an organisation, the right help and advice needs to be provided. Our solutions motivate, guide, and prepare those leaving to find new opportunities, creating a huge positive from what otherwise can be a negative for everyone!

To help people move beyond a right-sizing exercise

Those left inside an organisation following 'right-sizing' often feel 'bereaved', or experience a sense of guilt known as 'survivor syndrome'.

To simply mobilise the people

We are often called in simply to help get the people moving for whatever reason; this could be because motivation has been neglected or overlooked by new owners or management.

To create a leadership culture

Leadership is still a subject which needs to be addressed by many businesses because, historically, more emphasis has been placed on getting 'results'. We are often asked to help people find the right balance between getting the job done and getting it done in the right way.

To build team spirit

Team members need to work closely if their teams are to function to their optimum - this is easier said than done. Our unique blend of inspiration, outdoor development and team diagnostics works a treat, and very quickly.

To help people thrive on change

More than a third of the knowledge gained by university IT students is obsolete by the time they graduate. How's that for change! Still, we're stuck with it and need to get on, so our programmes get people focused and confident in the face of whatever challenges the world brings.

To help people focus on goals

Very few people really understand how to set goals that can be achieved. We have been researching, studying and teaching this since 1992 - our proven techniques work for individuals, teams and whole organisations.




To enhance what are already winning mentalities

Sometimes, people just need a boost to what is already a successful formula. We often find that people use our principles without realising it, so by explaining them, we create even more momentum.

To change the culture

Getting to the very heart of an organisation and changing the way it behaves is a challenge we have faced many times. Sustaining change requires comprehensive work at all levels, starting in the boardroom by creating the right Vision and Values. See our 'Culture Tree' for more details.

To prepare for growth

Growth can scare people, especially when they think they have been doing well anyway, or have been surviving with minimal investment in the future. Our programmes prepare people to embrace the challenge of growth positively.


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