Why Use Coaching

Lani Rasmussen,
i2i Head of Leadership and Coaching explains....

Of all the known learning and development avenues available to individuals and corporate executives, the one initiative that gets the rave reviews time and time again is Coaching. Its smart approach keeps coachees in a constant state of accountability—the kind of accountability that makes managers weep and shareholders sob with financial joy.


Business professionals and individuals use coaching to fix, solve, create, or plan something. This can include:


Business planning and budgeting
Integrating business and personal life
Turning around a challenging situation
Achieving maximum performance
Effectively and efficiently handing business or personal problems
Making key decisions
Designing and implementing strategies
Catching up and getting ahead in the business
Increasing sales substantially
Creating a high-productivity environment
Increasing time and self management
Developing communication and relation skills
Creating healthy boundaries
Consistently creating quality work
Taking the initiative
Managing up
Building efficient teams
Managing a career path




Working with a coach means you take more, better, smart actions because you set the goals you really want—gone are the ‘coulda,’ ‘shoulda,’ ‘ought-to’ and ‘have-to’s. Coachees naturally and consistently take actions to reach their own defined goals.


Coaching helps create a balanced life that works—because you ‘Selfishly’ designed it. Coaching teaches people to be Selfish yet responsible, how to meet your own needs and build a personal foundation that gives one the freedom and space to expand and shoot past their ambitions. Coaching facilitates the desire to reach for more, much more, and not be consumed with the process. With a coach you trust, you reach for more because you can afford to.




The Coaching Relationship

Your coach believes you are smart smart smart! They relinquish all self-serving and biased subjectivity to help coachees make better decisions for themselves and their business. They help provide a clear focus and foundation for sustained energy so their coachees form lives that are happy, productive, and free from tolerations and problems. This space allows for maximum performance potential development.


Coaching works because of the creative synergy and spark between coach and coachee. Intellectually challenging, coachees feel supported emotionally. Coaches coach to the individual, as opposed to the result. Completely confidential, coaching discerns a safe environment to evoke mistakes and interdevelop, exchange possible strategies and try on ideas, and continually work towards an ideally–defined aim that has 100% coachee buy-in.


The 10 Top Reasons to Choose Coaching are:

Better, more rewarding goals
Faster, easier results and advancement
Rapid personal evolution/development
Clearer, sharper thinking
More money, security
Meaningful accomplishments
Happier, more fulfilling life
Far fewer problems
Higher profits and profitability
Better optimisation of ideas



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