1. Training and development 


We offer a selection of standard and tailor-made training and development programmes for both individuals and organisations. 


The programmes aim to develop personal performance through understanding how to build self belief, self-image, self-esteem, confidence, ambition and determination. 


These programmes effectively supplement existing role-based skills training, helping to increase the overall performance capability of individuals and teams.


Through partner companies here in New Zealand, we are also able to offer outdoor experiential learning and development providing opportunities for team-building and motivation.


Programmes can be run in-Company for groups of employees.  Alternatively, individuals can attend ‘Open Courses’ that will be run regularly throughout the year.  Dates of the ‘Open Courses’ can be viewed by clicking on the Event Dates button on this page.

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2. Personal, 1-to-1 performance coaching


Coaching offers business professionals and individuals help in fixing, solving, creating or planning something.


At i2i, those seeking personal coaching will be offered a free initial meeting – with no obligations – to discuss the potential benefits of an i2i coaching programme and to establish a tailored programme to suit their individual needs.


If you would like further information on the benefits of coaching, then please read the articles on this web-site or simply contact me for a FREE initial coaching meeting to discuss face to face.

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