Event Overview - Science Of Performance


The new 'Open Course' format for 2011 is a shorter 2 day event – an initial day of learning plus a follow-up day - to “review and develop” - a few months later.


The first half of Day 1 is mainly theory and teaches delegates the science of performance and personal excellence. It explains in very simple terms why we behave as we do and what we can do to change these behaviours. It covers how the brain and the mind work relative to behaviour and performance. There’s a lot of great information, some of which delegates may already know a little about but have not been able to fully understand or usefully apply.


The second half of Day 1 is about providing the delegates with tools and techniques that they can use immediately to make real changes in the way they behave and ultimately how they can achieve success in anything that they want to.


There’s plenty of interaction during this first day, lots of story telling and opportunities for sharing experiences.


The second day takes place a few months after the initial session and provides an opportunity for reflection upon what the delegates learned during and since the course and what real changes they have seen since. There are more tools and techniques to be shared on day 2 and then time is spent on creating a success plan for the future.



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